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Turbo Builders bog, a renovators best friend

Builders Bog, it’s like wood in a can!

6/7/11 Builders Bog is ideal when filling large holes in timber like a window sill. Where you have had rot in and it’s difficult to repair use Turbo Builders bog. Builders Bog mixes with a hardener so will set quickly. You can vary the amount of mix and the proportion of each component to suit the job you are doing, but be sure to stay within the allowable range as written on the tin. Builders bog can all so be shaped when partly dry to save time when sanding.

Stopping the cold Drafts in winter

Draft seals stop breezes in winter:

Winter has come back with a vengeance, so time has come to ensure that all windows and door frames have draft seals to avoid mounting energy bills. Seals for doors and windows come in varying designs and colours and best of all, are generally very easy to use and very economical. The most common door/window frame seals are made of foam, although these seals are effective they do break down quite quickly over time, so it is always wiser to buy the rubber versions as they last a lot longer. Bottom door seals also need attention. Again draft seals come in various sizes to suit any size gaps and are also available in different colours.