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Some tips for working safely with Chainsaws

By tensioning the chain correctly on the chainsaw, so there is no slack, there is reduced chance of the chain breaking & coming back and injuring the user.

When cutting low down bend or kneel so that you are still have the saw horizontal to the ground, if the saw kicks back this will allow your hand to engage the safety brake. If you were standing up leaning over the saw it can kick back into your forehead leaving you with a scar that people would know it was you coming. A chainsaw is a great tool as long as adequate care is taken when using it.

Protect your face when using powertools

Safety tips – Face shield:

Safety face shield, use power tools more accurately: how many times have you used a power saw without proper eye protection. Advantages of using a face shield

–           keeps your eyes safe from flying debris

–           easier to put on, can use one hand

–           keeps stuff hitting your face

–           allows you to look down, (goggles block your downward vision causing you to bend your neck)


Austsaw Rotary Hacksaw

8/6/11 With a Austsaw Rotary Hacksaw cutting timber with an angle grinder is now possible. A new type of circular saw blade which has tungsten teeth set at a different angle. Using an angle grinder at any stage can be very dangerous, so always use eye & ear protection and make sue the guard and handle is fitted. . Blades are available for 100mm & 115mm grinders. You can get more details about the Rotary Hacksaw at www.austsaw.com.au