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The best hook for hanging a picture

The Simplicity hanger

28/6 Perfect picture hook: using a Simplicity picture hook (brass nail which passes through a brass washer) is strong to use on a plaster wall to hangĀ a picture. Why I like is because you only see a neat pin coming through a brass washer, not the unsightly normal picture hook The hook works on the angle drive principle, thatas more force is applied the hook is pulled harder against the wall. The hooks are avilable in 8 amd 16kg capacity. I like to divide the weight by 2 to be safe. And when the picture is not hanging, all you see is the brass plate, with the pin of the hook in the middle.

Nail gun types:

There are many different types of nail guns, the same if you are buying nail to use with a hammer there are different types of nails for different jobs. The important thing to choose the right gun is to know what types of jobs you want to do which then makes the choice of nails, the gun is now chosen. Gun types are called- COIL (Nails are in a coil & suitable for decking, nail plates), T NAIL (heavy duty nails with a T head), ANGLE BRADDER, (DA nails which are angled in the gun to help get into difficult areas) FRAMING (mainly used for house framing 75mm nails), BRADDER (16 & 18 G fine nails)