Protect your face when using powertools

Safety tips – Face shield:

Safety face shield, use power tools more accurately: how many times have you used a power saw without proper eye protection. Advantages of using a face shield

–           keeps your eyes safe from flying debris

–           easier to put on, can use one hand

–           keeps stuff hitting your face

–           allows you to look down, (goggles block your downward vision causing you to bend your neck)

Leafstopper to keep your spouts clear of leaves

Leaf stopper: no more cleaning spoutings!

The LEAF STOPPER® system is a logical approach to practical protection of gutters and valley. It works by attaching one end of the mesh to the front lip of the gutter, while the other end passes over the first row of tiles and under the second row. This creates a slope which allows leaves to blow off.In the case of metal roofs, purpose manufactured clips hold the mesh down at the roof end and valleys.How to install leaf stopper (click on the image to enlarge).

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Stopping the cold Drafts in winter

Draft seals stop breezes in winter:

Winter has come back with a vengeance, so time has come to ensure that all windows and door frames have draft seals to avoid mounting energy bills. Seals for doors and windows come in varying designs and colours and best of all, are generally very easy to use and very economical. The most common door/window frame seals are made of foam, although these seals are effective they do break down quite quickly over time, so it is always wiser to buy the rubber versions as they last a lot longer. Bottom door seals also need attention. Again draft seals come in various sizes to suit any size gaps and are also available in different colours.

A Kneeling board is great to use when Concreting

Concreting kneeling board: for hard to reach areas when concreting a large area a kneeling board is made that will not leave any marks in the wet concrete because the edges of the board are rounded. The board measures 350x480mm with soft durable sponge finish (which are easy on your knees) and large handles which are easy to grab.

The kneeling board can also be used for tile and carpet laying, plumbing and electrical, general maintenance, lawn and garden and auto repairs .


Austsaw Rotary Hacksaw

8/6/11 With a Austsaw Rotary Hacksaw cutting timber with an angle grinder is now possible. A new type of circular saw blade which has tungsten teeth set at a different angle. Using an angle grinder at any stage can be very dangerous, so always use eye & ear protection and make sue the guard and handle is fitted. . Blades are available for 100mm & 115mm grinders. You can get more details about the Rotary Hacksaw at

Stainless steel balustrades

Stainless steel balustrades have become extremely popular in recent years.

Over the last ten years we have seen a major increase in the use of stainless steel balustrading in domestic applications like verandahs and porches. Stainless steel balustrading can be used as a practical border around verandahs and add value to a home. However, there have been a lot of changes in how balustrading is regulated by local council.

Changes include how far apart wire can be, how far apart posts can be and how high wires have to be from any platforms above ground. It is always best to follow the right regulations when installing as in some instances you cannot salvage items you have already used or worse still you could face legal proceedings if someone was to hurt themselves. As always err on the side of caution.


Pull cord generator for under $400

Scorpion GeneratorGenerators are great for electricity on the site when none is available on site. We tested one in the store this morning. Pulled the cord once, and,  yes it started first time! It says it was running @ 2400w so we plugged in a fan heater to see, and we were outside running a heater. You could hear the extra load on the engine noise as we increased the heat setting. We were all surprised how quiet it ran considering that it only sells for $399.00.

Facts: 6.5 Hp Scorpion Generator

  • 2.8kva pull start
  • 2300w max, 2000w rated
  • 2 power outlets
  • 50hz/240v
  • 68dB(A)
  • 18lt tank capacity

At the heart of the new range of Scorpion Petrol Powered Equipment is the all new Torini Industrial Petrol Engines.

Torini Industrial Engines offer a long service life and reliability when you need it most. TORINI “The little Bull” is tough and powerful just like its name, fully backed by a 3 year nationwide manufacturer’s warranty.



Drilling and Drill bits

Drilling into metal can be time consuming and costly if you use the wrong drill bit. Most drill bit manufacturers will give you a choice of two types of metal drill bits, either a common mild steel bit which can also be used on plastics and timber or a cobalt bit, which is used on metals such as stainless steel, cast iron and high tensile steel. The best way to begin drilling through metal is to begin with a drill bit which will be 25% of the size you are ultimately wanting to achieve ie:2.5mm drill bit for a 10mm final hole. To help eliminate the tip of your drill bit from burning out, it is always a good idea to use a cutting oil. Lastly, always use a sharp drill bit.

Nail gun types:

There are many different types of nail guns, the same if you are buying nail to use with a hammer there are different types of nails for different jobs. The important thing to choose the right gun is to know what types of jobs you want to do which then makes the choice of nails, the gun is now chosen. Gun types are called- COIL (Nails are in a coil & suitable for decking, nail plates), T NAIL (heavy duty nails with a T head), ANGLE BRADDER, (DA nails which are angled in the gun to help get into difficult areas) FRAMING (mainly used for house framing 75mm nails), BRADDER (16 & 18 G fine nails)

How to fix taps that are hard to turn off!

Taps can become difficult to operate sometimes. This is often because there has been a build up of “gunk” in the thread of the tap. caused by impurities in the water. Remove tap spindle from the tap body. A spanner will be required to do this. Then, screw spindle as if turning tap off so that the spindle comes out of the bottom of the tap fitting. Clean the thread of the spindle then apply tap spindle silicone lubricate. Install spindle & reinstall into tap fitting and you should have an easily operated tap again.