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Protectadeck joist protector

Make your joists last longer with Protectadeck

7/06/11Protectadeck is a product which has been around for a few years and has been embraced by builders and DIYers alike. Over the years there have been many decks which have failed because bearers have rotted due to lack of protection between decking and bearer. Protectadeck acts as a barrier between deck and bearer it is available in various widths .Protectadeck is a very well priced item and should always be considered when constructing a deck as it will save you from costly repairs later on.

Chosing the correct screws may save Heartache

The correct screw makes things so much easier!

When choosing screws there are a few things to take into account that might save you some heartache in the future. For example using zinc plated screws in treated pine can be a bad mix as the chemicals in treated pine can break down zinc screws over time undetected. You should also take care when screwing into metals, as mixing galvanized screws with stainless steel can also have dire outcomes. When using batten screws a little Vaseline makes it much easier to remove screws in the future.

A Kneeling board is great to use when Concreting

Concreting kneeling board: for hard to reach areas when concreting a large area a kneeling board is made that will not leave any marks in the wet concrete because the edges of the board are rounded. The board measures 350x480mm with soft durable sponge finish (which are easy on your knees) and large handles which are easy to grab.

The kneeling board can also be used for tile and carpet laying, plumbing and electrical, general maintenance, lawn and garden and auto repairs .