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Powertool accessories inckude masonry and metal abrasive cutting wheels, wire wheels, circular saw blades, jig saw blades, high speed steel drill bits, masonry drill bits, gas and electric welding equipment, power sanding belts and discs


Austsaw Rotary Hacksaw

8/6/11 With a Austsaw Rotary Hacksaw cutting timber with an angle grinder is now possible. A new type of circular saw blade which has tungsten teeth set at a different angle. Using an angle grinder at any stage can be very dangerous, so always use eye & ear protection and make sue the guard and handle is fitted. . Blades are available for 100mm & 115mm grinders. You can get more details about the Rotary Hacksaw at


Pull cord generator for under $400

Scorpion GeneratorGenerators are great for electricity on the site when none is available on site. We tested one in the store this morning. Pulled the cord once, and,  yes it started first time! It says it was running @ 2400w so we plugged in a fan heater to see, and we were outside running a heater. You could hear the extra load on the engine noise as we increased the heat setting. We were all surprised how quiet it ran considering that it only sells for $399.00.

Facts: 6.5 Hp Scorpion Generator

  • 2.8kva pull start
  • 2300w max, 2000w rated
  • 2 power outlets
  • 50hz/240v
  • 68dB(A)
  • 18lt tank capacity

At the heart of the new range of Scorpion Petrol Powered Equipment is the all new Torini Industrial Petrol Engines.

Torini Industrial Engines offer a long service life and reliability when you need it most. TORINI “The little Bull” is tough and powerful just like its name, fully backed by a 3 year nationwide manufacturer’s warranty.



Drilling and Drill bits

Drilling into metal can be time consuming and costly if you use the wrong drill bit. Most drill bit manufacturers will give you a choice of two types of metal drill bits, either a common mild steel bit which can also be used on plastics and timber or a cobalt bit, which is used on metals such as stainless steel, cast iron and high tensile steel. The best way to begin drilling through metal is to begin with a drill bit which will be 25% of the size you are ultimately wanting to achieve ie:2.5mm drill bit for a 10mm final hole. To help eliminate the tip of your drill bit from burning out, it is always a good idea to use a cutting oil. Lastly, always use a sharp drill bit.