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How to fix taps that are hard to turn off!

Taps can become difficult to operate sometimes. This is often because there has been a build up of “gunk” in the thread of the tap. caused by impurities in the water. Remove tap spindle from the tap body. A spanner will be required to do this. Then, screw spindle as if turning tap off so that the spindle comes out of the bottom of the tap fitting. Clean the thread of the spindle then apply tap spindle silicone lubricate. Install spindle & reinstall into tap fitting and you should have an easily operated tap again.

New system for joining copper pipes

The SharkBite System: is a range of pipe fittings that are quick and easy to install, making it the most time efficient plumbing system available. To make a quick non-leaking join cut the pipe with a tube cutter to make sure the ends are smooth. Simply push the pipe into the fitting, making sure that the right pipe goes into the right part of the joiner. Once the pipe has been inserted fully the join is completed! Can’t be easier than that! You require less tools than you do for a traditional flared plumbing system and can complete it in a fraction of the time.