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Paint accessories includes paint brushes, paint rollers, abrasives, glues, fillers, masking tape, drop cloths, artists brushes, putty knives, wall scrapers, sanding blocks, steel wool, caulking compounds and guns, wood filler, wallpaper paste and wall size, glue guns, stepladders, extension ladders,

A timber glue for sticking difficult items

Selleys Liquid Nails

2/8/11 Gluing difficult items: whenever I make items in timber I always use glue. Selleys Liquid nails Fast Grab glue is easy to use and is water based for easy clean up. Apply using a calking gun; you can put on quite thick or a fine bead if needed. Then nail or screw, when the glue is dry the joint will never come apart. Selleys Liquid nails Fast Grab is perfect for sticking

  • Timber panelling to walls
  • Skirting boards
  • Styrene foam panels and blocks
  • Architraves
  • Particle board to masonry surfaces
  • Tasks where nailing is not desirable
  • Fsat grab liquid nails is also low odour making it ideal for indoor jobs, creates a strong bond – which will cope with shrinkage and thermal movement, so you know the job will last. It is paintable when dry, to give you a neat, quality finished job, cures and works best on porous surfaces, which makes it ideal for sticking wall panels to masonry. Selleys Liquid nails fast grab doesn’t drip, sag or string, so there is less mess when you are using the product.

    Turbo Builders bog, a renovators best friend

    Builders Bog, it’s like wood in a can!

    6/7/11 Builders Bog is ideal when filling large holes in timber like a window sill. Where you have had rot in and it’s difficult to repair use Turbo Builders bog. Builders Bog mixes with a hardener so will set quickly. You can vary the amount of mix and the proportion of each component to suit the job you are doing, but be sure to stay within the allowable range as written on the tin. Builders bog can all so be shaped when partly dry to save time when sanding.

    Protect your face when using powertools

    Safety tips – Face shield:

    Safety face shield, use power tools more accurately: how many times have you used a power saw without proper eye protection. Advantages of using a face shield

    –           keeps your eyes safe from flying debris

    –           easier to put on, can use one hand

    –           keeps stuff hitting your face

    –           allows you to look down, (goggles block your downward vision causing you to bend your neck)