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Automotive includes steam cleaners, tyre paint, car racks, protective coverings, seat covers, rear view mirrors, grease guns and pumps, trailer hitches and parts, lamps and bulbs, degreasers, fuses, battery terminals and clips, battery chargers, spark plugs, transmissions oil additives, petrol filters, oil filters, auto pipe clamps, tube and tyre repair kits, air compressors.

A better way to control Rats and Mice


Mice and rat problems

Don’t want to handle an open trap or look at a dead mouse? The Big Cheese Revolver Mouse Trap is poison free and kills and conceals the dead mouse for easy disposal. Remember mice live in groups multiple traps should be set for maximum catch.



  • Improved design sits flat against walls and skirting boards
  • Easy setting and baiting with no-touch and no-see disposal
  • There is a glance catch indicator on top to indicate SET, NOT-SET or CAUGHT.

Get The Big Cheese Revolver Mouse Trap to solve all of your  Mice and Rat problems today.

Some tips for working safely with Chainsaws

By tensioning the chain correctly on the chainsaw, so there is no slack, there is reduced chance of the chain breaking & coming back and injuring the user.

When cutting low down bend or kneel so that you are still have the saw horizontal to the ground, if the saw kicks back this will allow your hand to engage the safety brake. If you were standing up leaning over the saw it can kick back into your forehead leaving you with a scar that people would know it was you coming. A chainsaw is a great tool as long as adequate care is taken when using it.

Leafstopper to keep your spouts clear of leaves

Leaf stopper: no more cleaning spoutings!

The LEAF STOPPER® system is a logical approach to practical protection of gutters and valley. It works by attaching one end of the mesh to the front lip of the gutter, while the other end passes over the first row of tiles and under the second row. This creates a slope which allows leaves to blow off.In the case of metal roofs, purpose manufactured clips hold the mesh down at the roof end and valleys.How to install leaf stopper (click on the image to enlarge).

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