The best hook for hanging a picture

The Simplicity hanger

28/6 Perfect picture hook: using a Simplicity picture hook (brass nail which passes through a brass washer) is strong to use on a plaster wall to hang a picture. Why I like is because you only see a neat pin coming through a brass washer, not the unsightly normal picture hook The hook works on the angle drive principle, thatas more force is applied the hook is pulled harder against the wall. The hooks are avilable in 8 amd 16kg capacity. I like to divide the weight by 2 to be safe. And when the picture is not hanging, all you see is the brass plate, with the pin of the hook in the middle.

Turbo Builders bog, a renovators best friend

Builders Bog, it’s like wood in a can!

6/7/11 Builders Bog is ideal when filling large holes in timber like a window sill. Where you have had rot in and it’s difficult to repair use Turbo Builders bog. Builders Bog mixes with a hardener so will set quickly. You can vary the amount of mix and the proportion of each component to suit the job you are doing, but be sure to stay within the allowable range as written on the tin. Builders bog can all so be shaped when partly dry to save time when sanding.

Protectadeck joist protector

Make your joists last longer with Protectadeck

7/06/11Protectadeck is a product which has been around for a few years and has been embraced by builders and DIYers alike. Over the years there have been many decks which have failed because bearers have rotted due to lack of protection between decking and bearer. Protectadeck acts as a barrier between deck and bearer it is available in various widths .Protectadeck is a very well priced item and should always be considered when constructing a deck as it will save you from costly repairs later on.

Chosing the correct screws may save Heartache

The correct screw makes things so much easier!

When choosing screws there are a few things to take into account that might save you some heartache in the future. For example using zinc plated screws in treated pine can be a bad mix as the chemicals in treated pine can break down zinc screws over time undetected. You should also take care when screwing into metals, as mixing galvanized screws with stainless steel can also have dire outcomes. When using batten screws a little Vaseline makes it much easier to remove screws in the future.