Bosch Freedom 18v Cordless SYSTEM

Bosch Freedom 18v Cordless tools

Introducing Bosch Freedom Technology. Revolutionizing the way the trade buy their power tools. It gives the tradie the freedom to  buy the tools they want and nothing they don’t. You can either create your own tailored kit online at the Bosch Freedom Website and take into store or head directly into store where you will find a fantastic Freedom stand that will make it easy for your tool selection. As a bonus, If you purchase any Bosch Blue product till the end of September you have a chance of winning a Yamaha Raptor Quad Bike valued at nearly $5,000, AND if you purchase a Bosch Blue Cordless kit you will receive a third battery via redemption valued at $95. Bosch Blue, goes has hard as you do!

It’s freedom to work better, faster and longer.

  • Free to speed – up to 20% more speed*
  • Free to screw more – up to 20% more applications per charge*
  • Free to go longer – battery life lasts up to 4 times longer*
  • Free to get rough – survives 2 metre drop onto concrete**

It’s freedom to custom make your own combo kits – get the exact combination of 18V Lithium Ion tools, bare tools, extras and transport you need without any of the stuff you don’t.

Want an extra battery with no charger? No worries. 

Want a Bosch Cordless Bare tool with a charger, three batteries and a customised L-BOXX? Too easy.

A better way to control Rats and Mice


Mice and rat problems

Don’t want to handle an open trap or look at a dead mouse? The Big Cheese Revolver Mouse Trap is poison free and kills and conceals the dead mouse for easy disposal. Remember mice live in groups multiple traps should be set for maximum catch.



  • Improved design sits flat against walls and skirting boards
  • Easy setting and baiting with no-touch and no-see disposal
  • There is a glance catch indicator on top to indicate SET, NOT-SET or CAUGHT.

Get The Big Cheese Revolver Mouse Trap to solve all of your  Mice and Rat problems today.

Types of Hinges

Range of hinges sold at Danahers Mitre10

Gate hinges are normally either tee hinges or ball bearing hinges. Most ball bearing hinges have 1 long leaf that is screwed to the gate. Ball bearing hinges also come in a style to suit metal framed gates with a wooden post or with a metal post.

Butt hinges in steel, galvanised steel, brass and stainless steel are generally used for swinging doors. Door hinges are mostly 90 and 100mm. Butt hinges are available in sizes from Cabinet hinges are normally concealed and semi concealed hinges. The concealed hinges are available in full overlay, half overlay or inset.

Danahers Timber and Hardware Mitre10 sells a large range of anchors

Danahers Timber and Hardware range of fasteners

Danahers Mitre10 sells a large range of Masonary anchors. This includes Masonbolts (below) anka plugs, betta drive anchors, chemical anchor studs, and capsules, chemical injection systems, metal pin anchors, drive pins, drop in anchors, frame anchors, hi load anchors, hollow wall anchors and DBZ metal pin anchors.

Danahers also sells Cabinet Screws, Chipboard Screws, Collated Self Drilling Screws, Drywall Screws, Fastdrive Collated Screws, Porous Material Screws, Screw Accessories, Self Drilling Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Stainless Steel Screws, Stitching Screws, Superchipboard Screws, Timber Screws, Type 17 Screws,

Villaboard Screws and Wood screws. Danahers range of nails includes Blued Cut Tacks, Bracket Nails, Brads, Bullet Head, Clouts, Concrete Nails, Connector Plate Nails, Corrugated Fasteners, Decking Nails, Deck Spikes, Escutcheon Pins, Fibre Cement Nails, Flat Head Nails, Hardboard Nails, Particle Board Nails, Plasterboard Nails, Roofing Nails, Soft Sheet Nails, Staples Underlay Nails and Wallboard Nails.

A timber glue for sticking difficult items

Selleys Liquid Nails

2/8/11 Gluing difficult items: whenever I make items in timber I always use glue. Selleys Liquid nails Fast Grab glue is easy to use and is water based for easy clean up. Apply using a calking gun; you can put on quite thick or a fine bead if needed. Then nail or screw, when the glue is dry the joint will never come apart. Selleys Liquid nails Fast Grab is perfect for sticking

  • Timber panelling to walls
  • Skirting boards
  • Styrene foam panels and blocks
  • Architraves
  • Particle board to masonry surfaces
  • Tasks where nailing is not desirable
  • Fsat grab liquid nails is also low odour making it ideal for indoor jobs, creates a strong bond – which will cope with shrinkage and thermal movement, so you know the job will last. It is paintable when dry, to give you a neat, quality finished job, cures and works best on porous surfaces, which makes it ideal for sticking wall panels to masonry. Selleys Liquid nails fast grab doesn’t drip, sag or string, so there is less mess when you are using the product.

    The best hook for hanging a picture

    The Simplicity hanger

    28/6 Perfect picture hook: using a Simplicity picture hook (brass nail which passes through a brass washer) is strong to use on a plaster wall to hang a picture. Why I like is because you only see a neat pin coming through a brass washer, not the unsightly normal picture hook The hook works on the angle drive principle, thatas more force is applied the hook is pulled harder against the wall. The hooks are avilable in 8 amd 16kg capacity. I like to divide the weight by 2 to be safe. And when the picture is not hanging, all you see is the brass plate, with the pin of the hook in the middle.

    Turbo Builders bog, a renovators best friend

    Builders Bog, it’s like wood in a can!

    6/7/11 Builders Bog is ideal when filling large holes in timber like a window sill. Where you have had rot in and it’s difficult to repair use Turbo Builders bog. Builders Bog mixes with a hardener so will set quickly. You can vary the amount of mix and the proportion of each component to suit the job you are doing, but be sure to stay within the allowable range as written on the tin. Builders bog can all so be shaped when partly dry to save time when sanding.

    Protectadeck joist protector

    Make your joists last longer with Protectadeck

    7/06/11Protectadeck is a product which has been around for a few years and has been embraced by builders and DIYers alike. Over the years there have been many decks which have failed because bearers have rotted due to lack of protection between decking and bearer. Protectadeck acts as a barrier between deck and bearer it is available in various widths .Protectadeck is a very well priced item and should always be considered when constructing a deck as it will save you from costly repairs later on.

    Chosing the correct screws may save Heartache

    The correct screw makes things so much easier!

    When choosing screws there are a few things to take into account that might save you some heartache in the future. For example using zinc plated screws in treated pine can be a bad mix as the chemicals in treated pine can break down zinc screws over time undetected. You should also take care when screwing into metals, as mixing galvanized screws with stainless steel can also have dire outcomes. When using batten screws a little Vaseline makes it much easier to remove screws in the future.

    Some tips for working safely with Chainsaws

    By tensioning the chain correctly on the chainsaw, so there is no slack, there is reduced chance of the chain breaking & coming back and injuring the user.

    When cutting low down bend or kneel so that you are still have the saw horizontal to the ground, if the saw kicks back this will allow your hand to engage the safety brake. If you were standing up leaning over the saw it can kick back into your forehead leaving you with a scar that people would know it was you coming. A chainsaw is a great tool as long as adequate care is taken when using it.